Saturday, July 18, 2009

It went great!

Kenzie heart cath to close her PDA went great! It was super stressful while we were there but it was over quickly and we were able to come home that afternoon. She is doing great today and back to her old self!!

Now I can get back to working on my Wall Comments site! My grandmother suggested my Wall Quotes to a new business in the area and they are supposed to call me to get a quote for their store. Looking forward to that one. I also have someone asking me to do an etched glass design for their home, I think that's a cool idea! I can't wait to see how that one works out.

Well thank you for everyone who's been following this blog and thinking of my daughter yesterday for her proceedure! We are all well and home, thank God!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UH... 2 days away

Well on a business note, I got my mailing tubes in, finally. And got my 2 orders out. Although I should be thinking business to keep my mind busy all I keep thinking about is my 3 year old. It’s only 2 days away now. Really less than that, our appointment is at 9am Friday morning and we have to check her in at 7am. We live an hour away from the hospital so we’ll be getting up and leaving our house around 5:45am, JOY! We’ve not told Kenzie anything yet. I didn’t want her to be scared days until the surgery. I am thinking we should probably say something tomorrow. I just don’t know what yet. She just turned 3 and although smart I just don’t think she’ll understand. She’s seen Maddi in the hospital so much and how scary that was when she was hooked up to tons of stuff and I don’t want that to be what she thinks of when she thinks of the hospital. I want it to be really light, not scary, just a little thing we’ve gotta do then we are back to life.

I got out the paperwork that the doctor sent to me to review over a month ago. I stuffed it into a drawer and refused to read it. But today I got it out. One thing I did like was a website they sent me to with a very detailed animation that told us what to expect. The only part I hated listening to was the risks. I know there are risks but I kinda like to “forget” about them.

Yesterday my daughter was in her bedroom with her daddy and I was on the couch with Maddi and I was listening to them talk. I got an overwhelming feeling, like what if I never hear her voice again. I know it’s awful to think that way but it crossed my mind. I think I’d just loose it! To be honest this blog has been a good outlet for me! I will keep you guys posted. I know all will turn out well! We will accept any prayers!! :o)

Monday, July 13, 2009

A little personal

Another day, another blog! Today I am in wait for my mailing tubes. I’ve got two orders waiting to go out but I’ve gotta wait on these mailing tubes. This week is going to be hard for me. My oldest daughter Mackenzie (age 3) is going in for a cath procedure on Friday. We’ve had this planned for months but now that it’s here it’s hard. For those who don’t know my youngest daughter was born with a heart defect and that prompted us to have our oldest checked. They found that Mackenzie also had a heart defect that had gone unnoticed yet not near as severe as her younger sister. Mackenzie’s problem can be corrected with a cath procedure and that’s all. But we just weren’t prepared for it. We knew my youngest had a defect when I was 20 weeks pregnant so we were fully prepared for that. We were in the NICU for 50 days, went through one surgery with her and have another in January. Although Mackenzie’s cath is nowhere near as invasive as that I am still so torn up about it. As the days go on it gets harder. I am trying to keep my mind off of it by getting online, talking to people on etsy, focusing on my orders. It helps. Well anyways, today was a personal blog day. Hope no one minds, since I don’t have many followers I’m sure it won’t! Haha…

My girls, Mackenzie (age 3) & Maddison (5 months)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Blogger

This is my first ever blog. I have a .com site, an etsy site, a facebook page, Google Adwords and heck why not have a blog! It’s amazing that I am able to keep up with having two little ones running around at home. But I think I need an outlet! I love home d├ęcor and when I decided to start making wall art for my home others commented that I should “sell this stuff” online! The birth of Wall Comments was here! So far it’s been a slow start but I’m enjoying it. I am finding new avenues to get business from. I have had several local sales but few online sales. I am planning on attending a fall festival in October at a local church in my area. I’ve done this show for the past 3 years and it’s been a good success. I hope to get the word out about Wall Comments! I’ve so enjoyed getting to know the people on etsy. They have been super helpful with gobs of information. Well I’ve got tons of stuff on my websites but something new I did today for my dad was make a Rays car sign for his truck. He had awesome seats and wanted a vinyl car sticker to show his “fanship” haha! Check it out!